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in the field of family law

Legal matters involving family and its legal issues such as divorce, child adoptation among many other aspects can become diffucult, stressful, emotional and full of legal issues. M. Bradley Carter Attorney At Law offers you compassionate and expert legal assistance in the field of family law.


We know how to handle delicate issues, such as child custody, divorce, adoption among other issues involving family law matters.  We always have your family's best interests in mind when working on the legal aspects of your case.

Let us take some of the burden off your shoulders and make it easier for you to cope stressful situation of undergoing a divorce. We'll deal with all the legal matters such as handling of assets, deciding on child custody and child support, etc.

Planning to go through the process of divorce?

Planning to adopt a child?

Let our experienced and knowledgeable attorney look into all the documents to ensure everything is in order. We strive to make child adoption process goes as smooth as possible.

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  • Adoption

  • Child custody

  • Child support

Family law guidance and representation

Get all your answers regarding family law answered by our skilled and talented attorney. Call


We always make sure we listen to you and understand your situation before providing legal advice or representing you.

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